A user-centred approach to virtual reality

The technology of virtual reality presents unique challenges, but it still has human interaction at its core. Drawing on our experience with user-centred research, we help deliver products and services that are designed around people.

Understanding user needs
Understanding user needs We help you identify the ultimate goal of your product and where technology fits in
Discovering design solutions
We can work with your team to test and iterate progressively more complete designs
Lab set up for VR and AR
We have selected a range of venues across London of various sizes and configurations for VR / AR research
More about our services

Our team has over 15 years of experience conducting user research across a wide range of platforms and sectors, including virtual and augmented reality. We have a specific interest and focus on virtual and mixed reality user experience and interaction.

We are here to help our clients achieve their business goals by discovering and understanding the needs of their users.

Filip Healy
Filip Healy

Founder and Research lead

Filip has over 15 years worth of experience under his belt, planning, managing and executing user research and user centred design projects of all shapes and sizes.  He has run hundreds of lab test with users to planning 12 month user research programmes for some of the world’s leading digital and technology brands, including Sony, Orange, Microsoft, EE, Intel, Google, BBC, News UK, Sky and Samsung in the mobile, media and entertainment space.

Pietro Desiato
Pietro Desiato

Founder and Design lead

With over 10 years of experience in interaction design, Pietro has been involved in a wide range of projects where he has led the design team to deliver products and experiences based on a research-centred and data-driven approach. Pietro has a deep understanding of the different technologies and media he works with and has helped translate research findings and insights into actionable design for leading brands in the fields of entertainment, fashion and gaming, including Samsung and Sky.

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