User goal / Problem this is trying to solve

  • Move to a specific point in space (A to B)
  • Move towards a specific direction (e.g. forward)


The reason why we have different patterns for locomotion in VR is because the movement of the user in a space that simulates walking or running is very likely to induce VR sickness.

This is because of several factors:

  1. The illusion of motion and sensory conflict between what your eyes see and what your brain perceives
  2. Sudden acceleration of the moment (acceleration is one of the primary factors in VR sickness)

There are, however, example of artificial locomotion in VR.

The interaction is based on the type of controller available but usually users push a thumbstick or press on the dpad. The user start moving towards that direction until the thumbstick / button is pressed.

There are example of this type of pattern that separate the direction of moment from the rotation or look. That means that users can move forward, while looking in another direction.

Good and bad

When done well, this patterns helps implement movement in the most immersive way.

Not the best pattern if users need to quickly move to a distant position.

This pattern can trigger sickness.


Onward, Oculus