World map

User goals

  • Move to a distant point that is not visible
  • Move long distances


This pattern is based on the usage of a miniature version of the world the users are currently in. This is presented as a control panel for selecting the destination. The interaction is based on ray casting and needs two separate controllers: one to show the panel and the other to select a point on it.
Users can rotate the miniature globe to expose area of the world not currently selectable.
Upon selection of the destination, the user is teleported in a similar way to the simple teleport pattern

Good and bad

  • Helpful when users need to move to point that is not visible. For example if it is very far away.
  • The feedback about the selected destination can be provided via a globe that is used as a control panel for the user selection.
  • It works better when the user is familiar with the map that is representing the world
  • It lacks accuracy or requires a zooming function to indicate the exact location. This means that it’s best used when destination is more a region than an exact point.
  • Alternatively, hotspots can be provided that snap the raycast onto them.


Google Earth, HTC Vive