Research and UX design for consumer and enterprise VR / AR

Helping organisations make the most of opportunities presented by immersive tech through user research and rapid prototyping.

Virtual and Augmented Reality present unique opportunities, but they still have human interaction at their core.

Drawing on our experience with user-centred technology implementation, we help define and design solutions that meet your goals of growth, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We do this by understanding your business, identifying the key use cases and working with you and the end users to define workflows and experiences that can be radically improved by technologies like Augmented Reality.

Identifying opportunities

Identifying meaningful use cases and understanding the needs of target users for your product based on evidence and research insights

Rapid prototyping

Prototyping proof of concepts and specific interactions tha can be validated with real users.

Testing with users

Evaluating the UX of your AR or VR application with real users in our specialised lab

Consumer VR / AR

Customer Experience and Engagement

Enterprise AR



Innovation for VR and AR


Opportunities and challenges of VR / AR

Enterprise AR

We ensure the execution of your AR solution is optimised for the context and users

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Measurable use cases

Outcomes that can be tracked, measured and compared against your current established processes.

User-centred methods

We employ a proven toolset of user centred design methodologies to understand work practices and ensure new technology supports workers in completing tasks more effectively.

Usability diagnostics

We can evaluate any existing design or implementation of AR technology in your workplace in terms of usability.

Network of partners

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