Built for VR / AR

Set-up to run research sessions with VR and AR

Target your audience

We recruit the exact people you want to research with

Real time observation

Live video to see what your users experience

Built for VR / AR

Our lab facility is set up to run virtual and augmented reality applications and is equipped with the latest XR devices

  • Spacious lab support a range of roomscale set ups
  • Non-reflective walls to optimise signals for VR racking
  • A range of VR and AR headsets available to test applications with
  • Capture where users are looking in VR
  • Capture emotional responses using GSR
  • HD recording of all sessions
  • Professional user researchers available to plan and run your research sessions

Virtual and Augmented reality devices

Our lab is equipped with a solid range of devices for both VR and AR, ranging from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive to Sony Playstation VR and Microsoft Hololens

Real-time observation room

The sessions are moderated by a senior user researcher and can be viewed in our observation room or streamed to a different location.

VR Eye-tracking

We can provide VR eye tracking to enhance the insights with objective measures of where people look and how their emotions change during the experience.

Ideal for a whole range of applications and use cases.

UX of Immersive Tech Experiences

Find out how your target users experience your application, capturing all the key barriers and pain-points. Use the insights to improve the design of the application.

Testing designs of interior spaces

Understand if your new store layout or home design works for target customers. Find out where people look, the path they take through the space and what they interact with. More info